If you or I were from Syria

By: Theresa Frey

If you or I were from Syria.

You or I would have moved.

49.5% likely hood.

A different part of Syria?

Call me an IDP,

an Internally Displaced Person.

Or maybe a move to a bordering country?

Turkey, Jordan, or Lebanon.

Call me a Refugee.

In 2015, there were 23 million Syrian’s.

7.6 million Syrian IDP.

4 million Syrian Refugees.

Your child, your refugee child.

Their education?

Only 40% of refugee children,

are enrolled in formal school.

What if it was me or you?

If you or I were from Syria


Culberston, S., & Constant, L. (2015). Education of Syrian Refugee Children. Santa Monica, California: RAND Corporation